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I’m strong as the dead, my dear, and that’s how strong I am.

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i hope when the veil is torn open hawke is on a ship with isabela out at sea and they see it happening in the distance and hawke is like “you know, isabela, a hero would head straight toward the magnificent danger in an act of bold self-sacrifice to save the day no matter the cost”

and then they both laugh and laugh and laugh until they’re doubled over and crying and hawke is like “fenris WHEEZE set our course for as far away from that blasted nightmare as possible”

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How to get followers: Just tag all your posts as nsfw. Every single one. They might not get 1000 notes but at least your friends milfloversanus and scoots-mcbuttholes will be there to support you from that point forward.

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Anonymous asked: Kelis


ughhh the fact that everyone is like “oh the one who sang milkshake” b/c they fail to recognise the singular musical force that is kelis rogers, despite the fact that she consistently and repeatedly produces albums that are individual, that try new things, that manage to hop across genres without any of the genres feeling forced, the fact that her songs always sound like hers, that her voice is genuinely singular, that in addition to the TUNE that is milkshake she has produced, is producing and will produce albums so consistent that I add them wholesale to my spotify

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