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Anonymous asked: You are so generous to give your time to fucking rape apologists ha ha. I know this doesn't fall within your fandom interests, but the internet is crawling right now with people trying to distract attention from Bryan Singer's scumbaggery, and it's SO ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING, because they keep peddling the same irrelevant bullshit, just like the Leto stans. 'Innocent until proven guilty' is a fucking insult to victims, I swear.

ughhhhh yeah i saw about that


its fucking awful, so many famous yt dudes get away wit so much shit bc no one gives a fuck abt their victims

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Anonymous asked: voy[.]com/16357/2/23620[.]html groupie central archive (that particular message got deleted tho)

omg thank you. you are an internet wizard. there are so so many other gross stories on there tho

but listen up rape apologists: this is the thread with MULTIPLE stories of underage sex/sexual violence on jared letos part. it is from 2007. this is old news, but like, that just means him being scum is a well established thing?

if that’s still not good enough for people who doubt this, well, i think it’s now obvious it not about me ‘believing questionable sources’ or w/e, it’s about how you don’t value the words of groupies/teenage girls/the stripper he choked. how dare you call his victims ‘questionable sources’ how fucking dare you.

like, conveniently he preys on people who don’t get believed, WHAT A FUCKING SHOCK, and you’re doing exactly what this rapist piece of shit wants by defending him 

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Anonymous asked: just pointing out one thing, since you tagged the other post with "they were warning each other" - if you look up the original forum post there are some bits that were conveniently left out, like how the girl encourages other girls to hook up with leto if they're into that sorta thing, so not exactly warning anyone. also i did try and google "jared leto rape" like you said and did get numerous results but they all link back to the same one story.

ughhhh i literally cannot believe i am googling stories about jared leto being a rapist so i can argue with some fan og his who won’t quit my askbox, but whatever

ok like, in the original forum post the way she talks about the incident is very dismissive - almost like she is trying to minimise it in her own mind! a thing a lot of rape victims do/have done (including me!) - so god pardon me if i don’t take her words at the end to ‘only hook up with him if you’re into that sort of thing’ (that sort of thing being an extremely detailed account of unwanted sexual violence) as an endorsement

also the forum post is a repost off an older forum that is now defunct, i promise there were more stories on there, unfortunately you can no longer see them.

also, i know googles search algorithms are different for everyone, but i googled it and there are other results mentioning him being a rapist/preying on underage girls

look, if this still isnt good enough for you can you please fuck off. get out of my askbox, get off my blog, unfollow me if you still are following, think about why the fuck you are so invested in defending him. bye. if you message me again i am deleting it.

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Anonymous asked: The blogpost about Jared Leto you are referring to is from a year ago. Check your sources. Yes you can believe what you want but please think twice


i know its old?

but that doesnt make it false

i am under no obligation to ‘think twice’ or give him the benefit of the doubt or whatever you want

like, i do check my sources! the original forum thread is here, it is from 2010, and it was old news then??

there are also other news stories about him choking a stripper, and these are even older, from 1999

so, there is a long history of women saying these things about him! i believe them.

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oh. my. god. 

like every rock musician has groupie stories! as in: stories about sex! but!

rape is not sex, not every rock musician has stories about how they are a multiple rapist floating around!!!

also: if you google ‘jared leto rape’ or whatever you get a bunch of results, the fact that these are personal testimonials from teenage girls and not police reports does not make them false

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Anonymous asked: but those are like internet groupie stories? every rock musician has those. is there like a case against him or a person that actually came forth to accuse him? thanks for answering, google isn't helping me!


no, there isn’t a legal case against him

but no, ‘every’ rock musician does not have stories like those. and maybe the ones that do are rapists????

like, i believe those girls. if you don’t you can fuck off

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